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    Dr. Alden is a knowledgeable & compassionate doctor. He's an outstanding surgeon & has the most amazing way of making patients feel at ease. He replaced my knee after 2 arthroscopic surgeries, 2 rounds of gel & cortisone injections all failed. I was hesitant doing the replacement as out-patient - I ...

    Billy S. in Naperville, IL

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    I went to Dr. Alden after 2 years of pain in my left hip. He explained the procedure to me and what to expect. Its been 3 weeks and I am walking . Many thanks to Dr. Alden for improving my life.

    Shorewood IL

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    Dr. Alden is a compassionate and thorough surgeon. He repaired my wife's L. knee after another "well know" surgeon screwed it up TWICE! He "did" the job that was necessary to achieve the results he promised. Kris is an personable guy and an INCREDIBLE surgeon. The day after Kris did her surgery, my ...

    Donald Ban in Alsip, IL

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    I saw several other doctors about my hip who told me it was too young for a replacement and their solution was for me to walk with a cane or do water aerobics. I felt defeated because no one was willing to help me and the pain was horrible. I read Dr Alden's reviews and thought I would see what he c...

    Laura LaBarbera Depa in Lombard, IL

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    I thought Dr. Alden was great. Personable, easy to talk to and good at explaining my options. He did a terrific job on my knee replacement.

    Jill in La Grange, IL

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