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Preoperative Instructions

To ensure that your preoperative process goes smoothly, please refer to this checklist often. Patients will have ongoing support working closely with Dr. Alden’s staff to ensure all preoperative milestones are met and questions are addressed as they arise.

Dr. Alden’s Surgery Scheduler, Judy Majka, will complete your inpatient surgery pre-certification with your primary insurance and work closely with your primary care physician and specialists (as needed) to obtain the required medical clearance for surgery. All surgical patients will have their Preoperative Visit with Dr. Alden’s Physician Assistant, Larry Kocen, two weeks prior to surgery.

To reach Dr. Alden’s Staff directly, please call: - EXT : 6020 and direct any faxes to: (630)-794-8672.

4-6 weeks prior to surgery:

  • For Knee surgery Schedule and complete imaging CT scan or MRI for customization of your knee implants (Primary knee patients only) within 6 weeks of surgery for customization of your knee implants 6 weeks prior to surgery.
  • For Hip surgery Schedule appointment with your Primary Care Physician for medical clearance within 30 days of surgery.
  • Schedule appointment with Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Urologist, etc deemed necessary by Dr. Alden:
  • Complete lab work within 30 days of the surgery.
  • Attend appointment(s) with another Physician(s).

1 Month prior to surgery:

  • Complete lab work within 30 days of surgery.
  • Schedule preoperative appt with Dr. Alden’s Physician Assistant, Larry Kocen.

14 days prior to surgery:

  • Attend your Pre-Operative Appointment with Larry Kocen, PA
    • Skin wash protocol will be discussed
    • Skin wash can be purchased for $15
    • DVT prophylaxis for post-surgery
    • Medicines that should be stopped before surgery
    • Prescriptions will be issued
    • Any questions you have should be discussed

10 days prior to surgery:

  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications and supplements.

5 days prior to surgery:

  • Start cleaning routine. Directions will be in the surgical folder given at preoperative appt with Dr. Alden’s Physician assistant, Larry Kocen.

Day before surgery:

  • The hospital (or surgical center) will call you in the late afternoon to tell you what time to arrive at the hospital and to answer any last-minute questions.
  • You may drink a small amount of clear liquids (MUST BE CLEAR only) after midnight of the night before. You cannot eat anything past midnight unless instructed by the anesthesiologist or Dr. Alden.
  • Have your walker or crutches ready to bring to the hospital or surgery center.

Download Preoperative Checklist - Knee

Download Preoperative Checklist - Hip