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    Dr. Alden did great work on my surgery. I am at 6 weeks post-op and feeling pain-free. Soon to be free of a walker and using a cane only. Amazing results for an 83 year-old.

    Verified Patient

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    Dr Alden replaced my left knee. Post surgery I and minimal pain and a great outcome. This is a great surgeon with a great staff. I would highly recommend Dr Alden!

    Verified Patient

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    He’s a kind and caring physician. He spent a lot of time with me. He may run a bit late but that’s because he never rushes through the appointment and answered all my questions about knee replacement surgery. I really trust him!

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Kris Alden is not only an extremely knowledgeable and experienced doctor, he is the most compassionate and kindest doctor I’ve met! He is an outstanding surgeon and has the most amazing way of making his patients feel at ease at a time of uncertainty. He performed a total knee replacement afte...

    Verified Patient

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    Dr. Alden is a fabulous orthopedic surgeon. I chose Dr. Alden from a WEB listing and it was the best decision I could have made. I developed pain in my left hip and thought it might be a pinched nerve or pulled muscle. After seeing my X-rays he immediately diagnosed the problem as a "bone on bone" h...

    Verified Patient

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