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    Comments: Dr. Alden was my second opinion on my hip pain after first being recommended for a procedure to be drilling for decompression of femoral head, and told ultimately down the road I would have to have a hip replacement. My xrays clearly showed bone on bone, so drilling would definitely not have done anything. That first doctor never looked me in the eye while talking, and did not do replacements. Feeling very uncomfortable about this diagnosis, I then went to Dr. Alden and immediately upon my first visit I felt I was in the hands of a truly knowledgeable and caring physician. He spent quality time with me explaining my condition and answered all the questions that I had. I never felt rushed. I also then researched his background which showed high credentials and also a very high standing within my insurance group. Dr. Alden performed my hip replacement perfectly and within 2 weeks I was walking so well that no one could tell that I had a hip replacement! I am ever so very grateful for Dr. Alden's expertise and genuine compassion for making a difficult time in my life such a remarkable process!