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    Comments: I highly recommend Dr. Kris Alden if you are in need of a hip replacement. I am a very active 50 year old athlete and needless to say my jaw was on the floor when I was informed that I needed a complete hip replacement. I met with four highly qualified surgeons in the Chicagoland area and zeroed in on Dr. Kris Alden. He understood my desire to return to an active lifestyle and promised that he and his team could get me there. Dr. Alden took time to explain the process, answer my questions and is truly one of the most caring physicians that I have ever met. Dr. Alden performs minimally invasive anterior hip replacements. The anterior technique allows one to recover faster as less tissue is disturbed during surgery. The complete surgical process was seamless. Dr. Alden’s team provides a very detailed pre and post-surgery script. Prior to surgery, prescriptions were provided and a physical therapist coached me on at home recovery (mobility techniques, home layout, dos and don’ts and the like). The outpatient surgery itself was pain free and took an hour. After three hours of recovery, I walked out and went home. An at-home nurse and physical therapist came to my home the next day to begin the recovery process. Having a skilled team for at home recovery is almost as important as the surgery itself. I decided to not “try and reinvent the wheel” and followed the script exactly. I performed the daily mobility and stretching exercises. I was off pain meds in one week. In the two weeks following surgery, I transitioned from crutches, to one crutch, to normal walking. I was driving and back at work in 10 days. Aside from the minor discomfort of incision healing, muscle recovery and my body adjusting the “new normal”, the entire process could not have gone smoother. Dr. Alden and his team were available by phone, email and text. Although I didn’t have any post-surgery issues or complications, it was reassuring to know that “help” was only a call or text away. I could not be any more satisfied with Dr. Alden, his team and the entire surgical process.