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    Comments: A friend who acts as a medical liaison in finding excellent doctors in the Chicagoland area who use extra skill and care to perform surgeries without the use of blood recommended Kris Alden as being “Hands down the best knee surgeon he could recommend.” After two back to back knee replacements, I have to say that I agree. The surgery itself was quick and, for me, required no general anesthesia. That meant an easy recovery. I went home feeling good and walking that same day. The next 6 weeks or so of recovery were not without their challenges, and that is to be expected,, but Dr. Alden and his staff were always available to give help and support for any concern that I had. In the the end, those few weeks of discomfort were definitely worth the results. I am so grateful for all Dr. Alden did to restore my ability to walk without “hobbling” in severe pain, both in the operating room and in his recommendations for after care. The therapy group he recommended was top notch in getting me back to more than just ‘ functional.” Thanks to Dr. Alden I can follow his advice and “keep walking”!