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    Very Good

    Comments: I underwent my initial hip replacement surgery on March 2, 2020, utilizing a different orthopedic surgeon. After lengthy rehab and PT, my hip only got worse. A year later, my surgeon was still unable to diagnose any problems, and had no answers. I was extremely disappointed and pessimistic for my future.
    Thankfully, Dr. Alden was recommended to me in July of 2021. After my preliminary consultation with his amazing staff, Dr. Alden stepped in and, incredibly, diagnosed the problem within 30 seconds! He was confident that my condition could be remedied.
    After some additional lifestyle alterations were recommended and fulfilled, Dr. Alden performed my hip revision surgery on January 11, 2023. Recovery is a bit daunting, as this was a more complex procedure than normal, but I already see and feel the difference. I'm getting more ambulatory weekly, and I can now stand at length, without pain, for the first time in over five years!
    I cannot recommend Dr. Alden more highly. A MILLION THANKS FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!