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    I had total hip replacement of my right hip, on 12/17/2018 by Dr. Alden. The results are extremely positive. The recovery was was way easier than I had imagined. Dr. Alden took the time to explain exactly what to expect. His calm demeaner made me feel very comfortable and took all the fear out of th...

    Kirk Lagemann Dec 16, 2021

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    Dr. Alden performed my total hip replacement surgery in June 2020. I saw him for my year check. He is a wonderful, caring & an excellent doctor. I’m 74 years old & have been back to 100% for many months. I am so thankful for Dr. Alden. Would not even consider anyone else. My husband would say the ...

    Kathleen Staeger Sep 04, 2021

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    Dr.Alden really took time to discuss all my fears and worries and speak honestly with me. I was so afraid to have a hip replacement, especially during Covid. Now, months later I have my life back, I can walk, ride my bike and even do some yoga! The surgery went so smoothly, and the recovery is so mu...

    Lynn Sep 01, 2021

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    Dr. Alden is the best. I came to him “hobbling” and in pain with two very arthritic knees. He replaced them both 7 months apart and I’m doing great. The surgery was quick and I left the hospital that day walking and feeling good both times. During the next few weeks while I recovered, I had gr...

    Michele H Jul 07, 2021

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    I recently had anterior hip replacement performed by Dr. Alden. My opposite hip was replaced about 5 years ago with a different orthopaedic surgeon. I was amazed and pleased with what a quick recovery I had, as well as return to near function in a very short period of time. I would highly recommend ...

    Ginnie P May 26, 2021

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