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    Dr. Kris Alden is amazing, he has replaced both my hips, two years apart. I walked out of the surgery both times, no complications feeling great. No pain, no problems, he was readily available for all my questions. I would recommend him for anyone! He even works on patients having problems from prio...

    Judie Wehner Mar 15, 2020

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    Doctor Alden is #1 in the business. Doctor Alden and his staff are always friendly, kind, helpful, and, most of all, know what they are doing. I have had two total knee replacements in the past two years and both experiences provided great outcomes. No problem after surgery and now I do everything I...

    Verified Patient

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    I had hip replacement surgery in August of 2019. The procedure and recovery went smoothly - exactly as described in pre-surgical office visits. I am easily walking an hour a day, biking, and looking forward to more activities this summer. I have not had hip pain since the day of surgery. Dr. Alden i...

    Ken Odom Mar 13, 2020

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    I had anterior hip replacement in December of 2018. I'm a runner and was concerned about whether I would be able to run again. Dr. Alden put a high impact prosthesis in and I was back to running 5 miles a day by April of 2019. He did an AMAZING job. He and his staff are incredible . . . warm, friend...

    John Cunningham Nov 06, 2019

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    Dr. Alden did a total knee replacement on me in February and the results have been wonderful. He is a superb surgeon and his entire team is top notch. They take care of everything from pre-op through post-op and your needs are considered throughout the process. I have been golfing four days a week s...

    Kerry Richmond Sep 04, 2019

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