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    Dr. Alden performed a total knee replacement on my dirty, damaged, bone spur growth knee on March 6, 2017. Three weeks later I walked into Dr. Alden's office with no cane & no limp. At my 7 week check up, Dr Alden was impressed with my progress and told me to keep working and see him again in 6 mont...

    Barrington IL

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    I would highly recommend Dr. Alden. He is very knowledgeable and showed concern for health. He seemed interested and caring, and he listened intently to what I was saying. I highly recommend Dr. Kris to family and friends.

    San Jose CA

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    Saw Dr. Alden for quadricep tendon repair and patella tendon repair. Very kind, attentive and thorough. The surgery was a success and I am extremely satisfied - I would highly recommend him to anyone!

    Bob in Plainfield, IL

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    Dr. Alden is a knowledgeable & compassionate doctor. He's an outstanding surgeon & has the most amazing way of making patients feel at ease. He replaced my knee after 2 arthroscopic surgeries, 2 rounds of gel & cortisone injections all failed. I was hesitant doing the replacement as out-patient - I ...

    Billy S. in Naperville, IL

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    I went to Dr. Alden after 2 years of pain in my left hip. He explained the procedure to me and what to expect. Its been 3 weeks and I am walking . Many thanks to Dr. Alden for improving my life.

    Shorewood IL

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