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    I have told friends about Dr. Alden. He's a wonderful Doctor. very happy with my new knee. Very helpful staff.

    Karen Gemskie Jul 15, 2022

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    Dr. Alden did my hip replacement. He is an expert in the field. Easy to talk to, answered all my questions, I did not feel rushed. I am now pain free. My leg length difference is corrected. I no longer walk with a limp.

    Verified Patient

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    Fabulous surgeon with a great bedside manner, He made me feel secure with his diagnosis.

    Lou Ann Dawkins May 12, 2022

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    In Dec., 2019 at a University Hospital in Chicago, I had to have a girdlestone procedure on my right hip. The surgery caused me to need a walker and a 5" heel/sole lift on my right shoe. The reconstruction surgery was canceled due to medical problems. Since the surgeon was moving out of state, he re...

    James Cox Apr 22, 2022

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    Highly recommend Dr. Alden! After two unsuccessful surgeries at another hospital I came to see Dr. Alden. From the first appointment I found him and his staff pleasant, professional and organized. I had extensive damage to my knee from two prior surgeries and he performed extensive reconstructed sur...

    David Gorecki Jan 18, 2022

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